Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Wedding Series: Marriage Advice

Hi, friends! Its been awhile, lots going on and things are rapidly approaching!! We are 68 days out from the wedding and about 50 days from graduation! I cant believe it! This past weekend was filled with a shower, suit shopping and engagement photos! I loved every minute of it and am so excited for all that's coming up. Today's post is going to be full of marriage advice from friends of all walks of life. Some have been only married a few years and others have been married for 30 but I wanted to share what they said in hopes of encouraging you if you're single, engaged, or married. They are all good things to consider when looking at your life and the way you interact with your spouse, fiance or future spouse that you don't know yet. 😊  

 If you're married and have anything beneficial to add, share it in the comments! I love hearing from y'all! 

  • Be honest, even when its hard.
  • Remain calm when the other is sharing the truth or something hard. Don't freak out, it will only shut the other person down. 
  • When you get married it's not all about you anymore, remember your decisions are now "us"
  • Serve your spouse with the same love you want in return.
  • Share your heart together and pray a lot together
  • In the middle of an argument ask yourself if it will matter tomorrow or next week? If it wont, move on.
  • Be okay with knowing that you'll be changing, growing and changing perspectives and it may happen at different times. Be patient, show grace and mercy.
  • Make Christ the center and everything will always work out. 
  • You are a family before kids, remember that.
  • Communicate, always.
  • Don't share fights with friends and family that happened today, it only makes them mad and hard for you to move forward and forgive.
  • Choose love. It's a feeling but also an action. 
  • Be their biggest cheerleader
  • Never fight with your clothes on, you'll make up a lot faster 😉
  • Never stop dating each other.
  • Keep your dependence on Christ and not so much on each other. 
These were some of the biggest points that I took away from people sharing. I think they are great to keep in mind. Relationships are work and so I love hearing from older and wiser people that can speak into me and help me to succeed as I enter a new chapter.

I hope you loved seeing some of our photos and reading this advice! 

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Thanks so much for reading!! 

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