Friday, November 3, 2017

The Perfect Nail Polish Neutrals

Hi gals! I'm super excited to be writing about nail polish, although it's a simple luxury it makes me feel absolutely beautiful. I can have sweats on and have my hair in a bun but with my nails done I feel so confident. 😉  Can anyone else relate? 

Today I wanted to dive in and share my favorite OPI colors along with some staple Dip Powder Colors so that when you're in a pinch for a good neutral you know exactly where to look. Although this is a part of my wedding series, it really does apply to any time in life! 

Lets start with my favorite OPI colors: 
(all these images were taken from Pinterest but every color shown I have personally worn)

Lets be Friends! (All time favorite OPI color)
This color is the perfect pink and white combo.

Alpine Snow (a classic all white color)

Be there in a Presecco (perfect for pairing with a ivory or a warm colored outfit)

Bubble Bath (a very soft bubble gum pink)

Dont Burst My Bubble (mostly white with a hint of pink mixed it, not opaque)

Funny Bunny (some would say it's the perfect bridal color, it's a soft white and not nearly as stark and harsh as Alpine Snow)

Tiramisu for Two (a true neutral that has a browner tint to it)

Now for the top three Nexgen/Dip Colors that are the perfect neutrals! 
(The names of the color are shown in the picture, I have not worth all these personally but did some research and found them for y'all)

This is a fan fav for my friend, Alana. I'm debating using it for the wedding! 

Color is S45, picture taken by Alexis Belbel.

Well friends, there is a round up of some fantastic neutrals! I hope this is helpful whether you're getting married or just wanting a fun nail color. 

Are you a shellac/gel gal or a dip/nexgen fan? 

Share your thoughts below!! 

Thanks so much for reading! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! Just pinned it and will definitely be checking out these colors!

    xx, Chels


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