Friday, December 1, 2017

David Gardner's Series: Wedding Band Reveal!!

I can't believe I'm writing this post! My wedding is this month! Zach and I are over the moon excited! Graduation is days away and I'm so close to the finish line. 

Let me start by saying that I felt like a little girl in a candy shop in awe of all the sparkle and beauty in each of the rings when I went to David Gardner's. Each of them having differences about them that made them so special and unique to each Bride that picked them. Whether that Bride was just getting married or had been for awhile, these sweet rings symbolize the never-ending commitment to the person you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with.

 I have been so excited to write this post and share why I picked the bands that I did. I feel what I chose is timeless, beautiful and classic. My original vision going into David Gardner's was having a different looking band than just plan diamonds all around. I really wanted it to be set a part from my engagement ring. I have seen plenty of wedding band sets where the band looks like an extension of the engagement ring and I wanted them to be separate. They both mean different things to me. To me, the engagement ring symbolizes "young" love (the in awe stage of the engagement and the relationship), beauty and freshness that you have when you decide to spend forever with someone. Whereas the band to me symbolizes the never ending love you promise to show that person regardless of where life takes you, it won't always have the infatuation and googley eyed phase that the engagement ring does but it is loyal, true and always there just like you promise to your spouse the day you say "I do."

So the day that I went into David Gardner's I showed a more antique band that I found on Pinterest and loved. It had beautiful ovals in it with diamonds in the middle. As Julia and Sophie (pictured above) started to dialogue with me about what I loved they gave me the idea of maybe getting two bands and mixing metals. They said that the idea of mixing metals will always pull my Aggie ring in and really is a classic statement. It gives my ring the ability to pop regardless of the jewelry that I'm wearing. Now I don't know about you but mixing metals was a complete foreign thought to me, I had always thought that the color of your engagement ring (metal wise) would determine the color of your band. Julia then encouraged me to put the yellow band in the middle of the two white gold ones to give the antique look that I loved so much a huge pop. At first, I'm going to be honest, I wasn't sure of what I thought of the idea. I couldn't decide whether I loved or hated it. I looked at it awhile and of course took pics and went home to think about it. If you know me, you know decisions can take me a long time to make. 😉

I went on for a few weeks looking at pictures and really thinking about what I loved and didn't and decided that after trying it on in person again that it was something I was actually obsessed with. It gave me the ability to wear my Aggie ring and mix the metals but also to be able to have fun with the bands. I could wear them together, by themselves, I really had so many options. As I was thinking about all of the information and choice that I was about to make, David reminded me that it isn't permanent even though it feels that way. Down the road you can always switch it up he sweetly told me! 😊  And with that, I felt peace of mind, confidence and complete excitement with the bands I had picked. It was a complete joy and dream to have Julia and David walk through the process with me. Sophie was outstanding, giving me advice when I asked but also being patient to let me make the decision. I can't say enough wonderful things about the process! I cannot wait for the 31st so I can pair everything together! 😍

If you are a Bride looking for a wedding band or maybe you'll be the Bride very soon, I want to encourage you to try mixing your metals. I think it is so classic and chic and really gives you this fun ability to wear all kinds of jewelry and accentuate the different bands. 

If you're a local reader and have never been into David Gardner's, you definitely need to go! You will not be disappointed in entrusting them with (what can be an intimidating process) such a big exciting decision! My final post with David Gardner's will be after the wedding and I'll be sharing pics of Zach and I's bands together from the wedding day and sharing some beautiful day of photos, so stay tuned! 

Thanks so much for reading friends! Happy December!! 

This post was in collaboration with David Gardner's, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Photography by: Century Tree Productions

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