Monday, September 3, 2018

Fall Decor Reveal

Happy Labor Day, y'all! I hope everyone is enjoying their extra day off. I'm excited today to share my fall decor with you all. One may say I've jumped onto the fall bandwagon way too early but in my mind once September hits, it's socially acceptable to change things up. I'm also realizing, now that I have my own home, decorating is such a fun little hobby that doesn't cost too much and adds a little spice to the space. I'm discovering that I have such a passion for interior decorating. It makes my heart skip a beat. 😍
I spent about $75 to decorate my downstairs. I went for simple pops of color and didn't buy anything not on sale or with a coupon, so that's my trick of the trade. As much as orange is traditional, I absolutely love neutrals and muted colors. For those of you that know me really well, know that adding bright colors is not my thing. So I decided to go with muted neutrals and add a pop of orange in the pumpkins.  I made a little diagram for those of you that decide you may want to copy this look. This will help you get the vision. Focus on those three colors and adding pops of orange, whether that be in pumpkins or something else. 

Before I break down where everything is from, here are the sales that are going on at each of the stores I purchased items from:

40% off fall decor with an additional 20% off the entire purchase. (expires 9/3)

Hobby Lobby:
40% off all fall decor

JoAnn's Fabrics:
60% off fall decor 

Download the Spin to Win app to get a coupon for the day and it can be applied to your purchase in-store or online. Also, a Labor Day coupon is below! 

Let's start with the porch and work our way inside. The base of this wreath is the one I've had on my door since I moved in but I decided to just add to it. Hobby Lobby has amazing wreath additions, I've linked the ones that I purchased. The only thing on the wreath not from Hobby Lobby are the little peach flowers, those I got from Michaels. 

Cream PumpkinsPeach BerriesSunflowers (you'll have to go in store to get the cream color I have), Green Gourd

The ribbon is from JoAnn Fabrics. The pumpkin is from TJMaxx.

My adorable N flag is from Kirkland's. For Labor Day they have a coupon for an additional 25% off your purchase. Use code: Labor25

Alright, now let's move inside. My mustard euro shams I sewed myself. The fabric is from Hobby Lobby and it cost me only $14 to make them.. #cantbeatit.

My little wreath on my mirror is the same base as I had before, I just added items to it. The ribbon is from JoAnn Fabrics. The little velvet pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby and so are the mustard yellow flowers.

Another super fun idea I saw on Instagram was taking candlesticks and putting pumpkins on them. It's a cute little touch and is so simple. The packs of pumpkins I purchased were all from Michaels. These are the two sets I purchased: Small Set | Large Set

I took my dough bowl that I had in another spot of the house and made it the centerpiece for my coffee table. I used leftover velvet pumpkins and a pack from Michaels. The large white pumpkin is from the Target dollar spot!! Only $3!! 

I showcased this darling wreath on my Insta as a sneak peek. I used the white flowers I already had and just added the velvet pumpkins and mustard flowers. I love how whimsical and fall it is! 

Let's move into the kitchen. If you notice, I took the centerpiece that was on the coffee table and moved it to the kitchen table. I added the amazing Scentasional candle to the display and just some little pumpkins. It's crazy how just adding a few here and there does a world of difference! 

Next are some pumpkins on my shelves. These two cute green ones are from the Target dollar spot. (The one that is harder to see is inside the little silver lantern) They are glass and I paid $1 for each of them. #steal

Lastly, we move to above the fridge. I took some pumpkins and put them in my sugar mold and then took the glass candy jar from the Target dollar spot (only $3!!) and put it on the cake stand. 

That's about it! All very simple items but together make it feel like I'm living in a fall wonderland. 

What colors do you gravitate towards for fall? What's your favorite fall scent?! 
You'll find me watching Grey's Anatomy on the couch today and burning a fall candle. 

 Have an amazing day and thanks for reading!! 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Nowlin Honeymoon!

The honeymoon was one for the books! Amazing, relaxing and wonderful are the words I would use to describe it. We enjoyed being able to escape reality and REALLY spend time together with no outside distractions. It was hard when Zach first came back because life still felt as though it was pulling at us.

 The Excellence El Carmen is the resort we stayed at. We had a very positive experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great honeymoon spot. It's very humid there but the temps were in the high 80's and the skies were clear every single day. The only downside to the beach was the crazy amount of seaweed. The resort told us August and September are the worst for this because the winds are changing as the seasons do..

Zach and I's favorite thing to do was head to the beach every morning and enjoy the sound of the waves under an umbrella with a book in hand. (One thing that we will do during future vacations that my aunt and uncle do is get the same book that's spiritually encouraging and read it together. It prompts great conversation and really helps foster your marriage.) After a few hours at the beach, we'd head to lunch. We personally loved The Kitchen's buffet, Oregano, and The Lobster house. The attire is casual and they have great food. After that, we would head back to the room, take a nap or just relax and then walk out to our pool right off of our room. We personally loved this luxury because it gave us the ability to be away from the crowds and enjoy a quiet atmosphere. The main pool was great but we weren't feeling social and wanted to just spend time together. If you're considering whether to get the Swim Up Suite, I HIGHLY recommend it if you want a more relaxed (non-party) atmosphere. After that, we'd shower and clean up and then head to dinner. We tried almost all 12 of the restaurants except The Flavor Market which is Spanish food and Basmati which is Indian. Our personal favorite was The Grill and Chez Isabelle. After dinner, we'd go to the balcony over the pool and sit and listen to the waves before heading back to the room and getting room service. 😂 It was amazing! We basically repeated this routine every day. LOL 

My Recommendations:
  • Get the Junior Swim Up Suite if you want a calm, more private atmosphere for swimming
  • Bring long pants for the guys so you can go to the restaurants. There is a dress code. Girls, you need at least capris in length for bottoms. Dresses are obviously acceptable too.
  • Go to The Grill. Get the Rib Eye or New York Steak and be sure to get the mashed potatoes too as your side.
  • I loved the Strawberry Frozen Margarita, The Pineapple Martini, and The Kiwi Mojito. 
  • Definitely go on the Bike Tour at 9 am one morning so you can go off of the resort and explore a little. 
  • I definitely would say that our excursion was not a great experience and I wouldn't recommend it. It was a waste of money and we didn't feel that we were given what was advertised. The excursion we did was to Catalina Island. The way that the country does tours and excursions is a little nerve-wracking and the language barrier was very difficult making it not as enjoyable. (This is obviously just our experience and my opinion. I know other people have gone on them and had a fine experience.)

All in all the trip was amazing and we absolutely loved our time together!! Share where you honeymooned/favorite vacation spot below! I'm curious. 👇

Thanks for reading friends! Have an amazing day! 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

My Health Journey

Hi friends! Below is my Facebook live video link that I shared as well as links to all the products I talked about in the video. I also included the dosage.  

Anxiety and Depression:

Activated B12: Works like a happy pill almost. Boosts serotonin levels. I take 4 capsules 3x a day. 

Dolomite: Helps your body's heart rate slow down. I usually take this if I'm feeling anxious. It's not going to CURE the anxiety, you will have to work to take control of your thoughts and take yourself down. This just helps with the physical reaction of your heart beating extremely fast. Magnesium is in dolomite which is a natural heart relaxer. I take 2 if I am feeling anxious and 4 every night before I go to bed. 

Liquid Copper: This helps with depression. The dosage I personally have been taking is 4 drops every hour. This obviously has been hard to maintain but I see an extreme increase in my overall body when I'm consistent. 

Juice Plus+:

These amazing fruit and vegetable capsules have changed my life. They've changed my life so much that I decided to become a rep. They are not vitamins but are 30 different fruits and vegetables are packed into capsules or gummies (either or depending on your choosing). Be sure to watch the Live Video I shared to hear my story and about how they've changed my life. If you have questions, feel free to message me on Instagram or shoot me an email. If you're interested in purchasing, you can head here.


How to Switch on Your Brain: This book is amazing with helping you realize the effect your thought life has on your overall body. It has a brain detox 21-day program that I walked through and helped me tremendously. 


I am running three times a week and walking twice a week. I cannot tell you how much exercising benefits your anxiety and depression! 

Thank you all so much for reading and watching. Your encouragement and love mean the absolute world. I hope that this reaches the people it needs to and you are encouraged to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

Disclosure: I am by no means a doctor, I am just sharing what has been a success for my body and my health with hopes of helping other people struggling with similar issues. 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Farmhouse Decor ft. Amazon


Hi friends! Happy Thursday. I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. I'm currently in an RV headed to Michigan with my family for the weekend. Traveling in this home on wheels is a first for me and let me say, it's quite the experience. LOL But I am excited to enjoy some R&R on the lake with my family. I haven't been back since 2014 so I'm so excited to see everyone and soak up some vitamin D.

I'm so excited about this post because as I start my life of full-on adulting, I am realizing how much I love decorating. It's not just the basic concept of decorating though, it's finding the best bang for my buck, transforming things, and doing it for a very affordable price. That may mean doing some digging, grabbing from people's trash piles on the street (yes, I did that quite a few times 😂), or painting a piece to make it fit the aesthetic of my house.
I'm having the best time making something out of nothing. That's been my motto and so with that being said, I wanted to share some great farmhouse pieces from Amazon that are in my house. They are all over the board in price which makes them great for everyone! I don't own every piece but about 75% of the items above are either hung or decorated in our home. Let me know which piece you love the most! 

Thanks for reading friend! Have a wonderful weekend! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Our Wedding Day + Advice for the Bride-to-be

Today is a super fun day on the blog, you're getting to see my favorite photos from our wedding day. I'm so excited to share these with you and cannot wait to hear what you think! Let me start off by saying, God has a funny sense of humor. I always seem to say that but it's so true. 😂 
I hate the cold and vowed I would never get married in the winter time or right after I graduated. Well, both those things happened and not only was it cold but it was actually the coldest day of the year in Texas. It was fifteen degrees and snowing the morning of our wedding. For some Brides, the reality of the weather and the miserable wind chill would have been enough to set them over the edge but let me encourage you with this, the day is what you make it to be. If you're stressed, it will be stressful (easier said than done, I get that), if you're anxious about details, that's all you'll focus on, but if you do your absolute best to remember the purpose of the day, everything else should fade to the background. We as women dream of the day of our wedding since before we can remember, we have a picture and it's perfect in our minds but the reality is, we live in an unperfect world and so things will happen, it's just a matter of what and when. How you handle the situation on the day of your wedding is truly what matters. Prepare for something to go wrong and prepare for how you'll respond. It's such a big day, I get that completely but trust me when I say, you will be so sad if you look back on your wedding day and remember freaking out about something that really wasn't a big deal. 
From one perfectionist to another, I planned my wedding from September-December, graduated two weeks before our wedding day, got married on the coldest day of the year and sent my husband off eight days later. I don't say that to have you feel bad or pity me but to tell you, my situation was far from ideal or perfect but it was still amazing and beautiful. Choose to rise above whatever is happening around you on the day, look at your spouse and remember it's about the love that you share and the people that are closest to you witnessing your union. 

Things to remember as a Bride-to-be:
  1. Remember the purpose of the day and that things will go wrong, but it's how you respond to it that will impact the outcome.
  2. Let people help you. As a type A I wanted to control everything but after a certain point, you need to let it go. Everything will fall into place.
  3. Don't look at everything that needs to get done but one task at a time. If you look at the forest of trees you'll never be able to focus on which one needs to be cut down first. 
  4. Engagement can be emotional. It's a lot physically, spiritually and mentally, but keep a healthy fresh perspective of everything that's going on and don't wish for the process to be over. You only get to be engaged once. You'll wish it away and miss out on the moments and memories in that season. 
  5. Work hard to prepare for life after the wedding. When all the excitement is over it's easy to feel a bit blue. There is a let down after all the planning is over. That's normal and totally natural to feel. Let yourself grieve the day being over and then move forward looking to the future and all that you and your spouse have to look forward to. 

My Meltdown Moment:

Pictures were THE most important part of the day for me, I wanted to have glimpses of the day to look back on and remember. Well, Zach and I could only bare about 15 minutes outside in the cold, my hands started freezing to my bouquet and we were turning pink. In the moment, I was internally having a meltdown (and may have even let a few tears fall because of how cold I was), BUT in the end, the day was amazing and Zach and I have some super sweet photos of him and I. They aren't what I pictured in my head but they are perfect for us and a part of our story. I've learned so much about expectations and envisioning things. As a perfectionist, my tendency is to envision things as perfect all the time, 24/7. Life isn't perfect and neither was my wedding day but it was beautiful and perfect for US. 

So all that to say, take your crazy wedding moment or meltdown moment and wear it proudly. If you're married will you share one crazy part about your big day in the comments!


Venue: Rosemary Barn

DJ: Your DJ (Gus was amazing!)

Hair: TC Makeup

Dress: VIP Bridal (College Station, TX)

Thanks so much for reading friends! 

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