Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Our Wedding Day + Advice for the Bride-to-be

Today is a super fun day on the blog, you're getting to see my favorite photos from our wedding day. I'm so excited to share these with you and cannot wait to hear what you think! Let me start off by saying, God has a funny sense of humor. I always seem to say that but it's so true. 😂 
I hate the cold and vowed I would never get married in the winter time or right after I graduated. Well, both those things happened and not only was it cold but it was actually the coldest day of the year in Texas. It was fifteen degrees and snowing the morning of our wedding. For some Brides, the reality of the weather and the miserable wind chill would have been enough to set them over the edge but let me encourage you with this, the day is what you make it to be. If you're stressed, it will be stressful (easier said than done, I get that), if you're anxious about details, that's all you'll focus on, but if you do your absolute best to remember the purpose of the day, everything else should fade to the background. We as women dream of the day of our wedding since before we can remember, we have a picture and it's perfect in our minds but the reality is, we live in an unperfect world and so things will happen, it's just a matter of what and when. How you handle the situation on the day of your wedding is truly what matters. Prepare for something to go wrong and prepare for how you'll respond. It's such a big day, I get that completely but trust me when I say, you will be so sad if you look back on your wedding day and remember freaking out about something that really wasn't a big deal. 
From one perfectionist to another, I planned my wedding from September-December, graduated two weeks before our wedding day, got married on the coldest day of the year and sent my husband off eight days later. I don't say that to have you feel bad or pity me but to tell you, my situation was far from ideal or perfect but it was still amazing and beautiful. Choose to rise above whatever is happening around you on the day, look at your spouse and remember it's about the love that you share and the people that are closest to you witnessing your union. 

Things to remember as a Bride-to-be:
  1. Remember the purpose of the day and that things will go wrong, but it's how you respond to it that will impact the outcome.
  2. Let people help you. As a type A I wanted to control everything but after a certain point, you need to let it go. Everything will fall into place.
  3. Don't look at everything that needs to get done but one task at a time. If you look at the forest of trees you'll never be able to focus on which one needs to be cut down first. 
  4. Engagement can be emotional. It's a lot physically, spiritually and mentally, but keep a healthy fresh perspective of everything that's going on and don't wish for the process to be over. You only get to be engaged once. You'll wish it away and miss out on the moments and memories in that season. 
  5. Work hard to prepare for life after the wedding. When all the excitement is over it's easy to feel a bit blue. There is a let down after all the planning is over. That's normal and totally natural to feel. Let yourself grieve the day being over and then move forward looking to the future and all that you and your spouse have to look forward to. 

My Meltdown Moment:

Pictures were THE most important part of the day for me, I wanted to have glimpses of the day to look back on and remember. Well, Zach and I could only bare about 15 minutes outside in the cold, my hands started freezing to my bouquet and we were turning pink. In the moment, I was internally having a meltdown (and may have even let a few tears fall because of how cold I was), BUT in the end, the day was amazing and Zach and I have some super sweet photos of him and I. They aren't what I pictured in my head but they are perfect for us and a part of our story. I've learned so much about expectations and envisioning things. As a perfectionist, my tendency is to envision things as perfect all the time, 24/7. Life isn't perfect and neither was my wedding day but it was beautiful and perfect for US. 

So all that to say, take your crazy wedding moment or meltdown moment and wear it proudly. If you're married will you share one crazy part about your big day in the comments!


Venue: Rosemary Barn

DJ: Your DJ (Gus was amazing!)

Hair: TC Makeup

Dress: VIP Bridal (College Station, TX)

Thanks so much for reading friends! 


  1. Loved this post and gorgeous photos of your special day! The advice I always give brides to be is the same, focus of the PURPOSE of the day, that is what truly matters.

    I broke down on the side of an off ramp the morning of, on my way to the venue to get ready. People were honking at me like I was in the way as a sat in the car waiting for my Dad & FIL to rescue me and I just wanted to shout to people "hey, it's my wedding day" But I honestly just laughed it off, never once felt anxious about it, and kept a smile on my face all day!

  2. Hi Abi,
    My husband and I got married the day before you and Zach in a similar situation, 2 weeks post grad, in 6 degree weather! (I thought I was the only crazy one! Lol) As I began following your page and blog, it was all so relatable to my “problems” which now seem so insignificant. There were days that I needed your posts more than you know, and I thank you for wearing your heart on your sleeve and showing the world your love for the Lord. Keep it up girl! You’re a rockstar.

  3. OMG, your wedding party looks amazing and I am so pleased that you have shared the advice for other brides to be as well. I am also one of those and feeling quite nervous but your photos have made have calm down my nervousness. You know we will have a decent DIY wedding at the garden event venue.


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