Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Productivity: 5 AM Wakeup

The title of this blog post might be so alarming it may make your skin crawl, even for being a morning person five am sounded rather intimidating but let me tell you this.. it's changed my life in just two weeks (I'm going into my third week), for a NUMBER of reasons. So hang with me and hear me out, I'm hoping by the end of this post you'll be convinced you need to start incorporating this into your own life. What started this whole fiasco you're probably asking? This article was the game changer for me. On our way home from Colorado I saw this on my Facebook feed and it totally sparked my curiosity. I read it and then turned to Zach and said "Listen to this! Will you do this with me? Give it two weeks and if you don't like it then you don't have to do it with me." Well y'all sure enough we had our friends over for dinner the other night and he flat out said that it's been an awesome thing for him. Here are the reasons it's been amazing:

1) We get to connect every morning before work. We do our quiet times individually and then either go run at the gym together or take a walk together. My favorite mornings are T/TH because we go for a walk around 5:30. It's so still outside and we have time to chat about the future and life and our hopes and dreams. It's truly been the sweetest time of connection and it's only 20 minutes. Imagine if you got that with your spouse/significant other/roommate everyday. 
2) I'm showered and ready for the day by a little after 7. After our walk, I rinse off and then come downstairs and work on a few things at the bar while Zach makes himself breakfast and heads out the door. Once he leaves, I head upstairs and do my hair and makeup. By 7:20, I'm drinking my shake, have my laptop in front of me and I'm ready to start the day. 
3) I feel amazing. This kind of structured routine has really helped me FEEL good. I'm in a good mood, I've started my day with wonderful intentions and I've exercised all before the sun has even risen. Imagine as a working professional accomplishing all of that before going to work? It would totally change your day and make you feel like you're optimizing every hour you've been given. 

All I'm saying is try it. You have nothing to loose. You will be tired mid morning for the first two weeks but I've pushed through that and feel outstanding now. This will forever be a M-F practice for me, at least while it's just Zach and I. Someday when I'm a momma I might change my mind, but for now, I'm keeping it just like this. 😉

Please let me know if you start implementing this! Who knows, we may start a 5 am movement?! 

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  1. LOL When you have a kid, especially in the early stages when you're up off and on all night, you sleep whenever you can. Now that we're in the preschool age, my daughter is way more hands-on, which I love but it requires so much more energy. That coupled with my husband's rotating shifts makes 5:00 a.m. way too early for me, especially on days he works! Besides, I've found my most productive work hours are 11-2 in terms of clients, go figure. But props to you and good luck sticking with this!


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