Friday, October 11, 2019

Silencing the Lies

I wholeheartedly believe the that right before break through you're going to feel opposition like never before. I believe it's the enemy's way of trying to keep us in a holding pattern before an amazing take off into what God has for us (like my analogy there? 😉) 

Let me tell you, this week I've felt that a lot and because of that, I felt the need to speak up and encourage those who may be facing the exact same thing. I've had an AMAZING year. Too good to even comprehend y'all. It's been a hard year at times but so good and so rewarding. My business is on fire. I feel so confident that this is the calling the Lord has on my life and I feel at such peace with where He is taking me and Zach. I've grown more and more each day into the woman God has called me to be. Not to say that their haven't been some really hard days but all in all this past year was one for the books and I know it's only going to get better. 

What's your year been like? One you wish you could say goodbye to or one that's been full of growth and blessing? Whatever it is, I know we can all relate with having to silence the lies.

Here's what the enemy does when we feel like we are in a holding pattern with darts being thrown at every corner... we stay silent because he tells us we shouldn't speak up that our thoughts are dumb and people may judge us. Well THAT'S A FLAT LIE. 

I want you to know that the lies being tossed around in your head feel permanent in this moment but if you can rise above and out loud proclaim "this isn't true", there is great victory in that! I want to encourage you to find some scriptures that speak to overcoming the lies and repeat them over and over again until you believe them. Feelings are fleeting y'all and you may FEEL a certain way today but tomorrow it will likely be gone. Don't allow the enemy to keep you from walking forward. He doesn't have that power and if you let him have it he'll run for the hills and wreak havoc on your life. 

Another thing I want to address aside from silencing the lies in our head is, there are going to be naysayers and negative people who try to hold you back from progressing and growing. That's another enemy tactic!! Don't listen to those people either. That's MUCH easier said than done but here's the reality. Are you going to let those people stop you from walking out all that God has for your life? There are haters everywhere and truthfully they are hurting and want to keep you from succeeding so they find anyway they can to bring others down. 

You were made for GREATNESS! I was made for GREATNESS! Together we will do and accomplish great things on this earth. Do you believe that?! Proclaim it and walk it in. Own your title, own your story, own your life. God's doing amazing things.

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