Thursday, January 30, 2020

Ways I Like to Unwind

I don't know about you but getting my brain to relax and unwind in the evenings can be difficult. My brain is on constant processing and thinking about the next steps I need to take or do to be productive.  So I have a few evening practices/activities that help my brain slow down and go into relaxation mode. 

1. I like to take my makeup and put on comfy clothes. My family makes fun of me for how early I do this but I am up at 5:00 am every morning and then work out at 3:00.. so my most productive hours are from 6:00-2:00. So once I've done my work for the day, I like to take my makeup off so that I don't go anywhere or work on anything that's mentally draining. So regardless of what time you get home, once you are ready to unwind, try cleaning your face and changing into clothes that tell your body it's okay to relax. 

2. I take a hot shower or bath before I get comfortable. There is something about hot water on your body and putting it into total relaxation mode. This is something I've practiced for years so in the mornings once I get out of the shower my body knows it's time to wake up, and in the evening my body knows it's time to slow down. I've been taking a bath in the evening the past few days and have been loving that more than a shower. I bring my Kindle in and just relax and read for 15-20 minutes. 

3. I make myself a hot cup of tea.. there is nothing like a hot beverage in your hands to warm your body up. I've been loving making myself a hot beverage and then laying on the couch. I used to turn the TV on once I laid down but I am working to adopt the habit of reading for the majority of the evening. It's better for my brain. 

These are my staple practices/activities every night in order to unwind. A few others I love but don't do nightly are wearing a face mask and diffusing oils. All of these combined make for a very relaxed Abi. 😂  What ways do you like to unwind at night? 

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

My Morning Coffee Shake

As I was writing a blog post earlier this week on my morning routine (not yet on the blog but coming soon! 😉), I realized I had never shared my morning coffee shake with you all and instantly I knew that would be my next blog post. There is something about a warm cup of coffee in the morning to just jumpstart the day. For me it's not out of necessity (well in some cases it is 😆) but just the love of the ritual. You get what I'm saying? 

My mom is actually the one that introduced this to me and for those of you that have been following me for years know that I didn't drink coffee as of like a year ago, I drank Spark. It was the only product I ever used and I LOVED it but it's really not that good for you and I was having to special order it and get it shipped to Abilene rather than running to Walmart to get more coffee. So I ditched the habit and said, I'm going the coffee route and going to drink it in a healthy way, meaning, I would not fill it with a bunch of cream and sugar but use more natural things so my body wasn't dependent on it. Now, if you use a bunch of cream and sugar, no judgement from me friend, this was just my personal decision. 

So with that said, let's get to chatting about my favorite morning beverage. 

1. I use my little small Ninja blender to mix this up. Any little blender will work but this is how you get the foam and frothyness to it (I don't think frothiness is a word but for the sake of this blog post today, it is.) I pour half of it full (or a little less) with coffee. Lately we've been using The Donut Shop from Walmart and it's my favorite coffee so far. Zach is quite the coffee snob and so we have tried a huge array of options. This so far is my favorite. 

2. Once the coffee is in the blender, I take a heaping spoonful (no exact measurements here as you can see) and place it in the hot coffee, it melts right off. Coconut oil is an amazing metabolism booster. It aids in weightless and so many other benefits, here are a few: A Boost in Good Cholesterol. ... Good for Blood Sugar and Diabetes. ... Helps Fight Back Against Alzheimer's Disease. ... Helps Stop Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure. ... Aids in Liver Health. ... Boosts Energy. So there you have it, a few of the amazing benefits. 

3. I add a scoop of my Vanilla Complete Protein Powder. Now you may ask why I use Juice Plus protein powder as opposed to any other that I could purchase from GNC or another health foods store.. here's why. My protein powder has an NSF seal on it which means it's just FOOD. It's not a supplement and it's been through rigorous testing to prove that what is on the back of the label is actually what's in the product. It's packed full of 15 plants, 13 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber so I'm getting GOOD stuff every single day when I drink it. Not to mention, it's the best protein powder I have ever tried. It's not chalky and truly tastes amazing.

4. Blend it all up and pour into your mug of choice. 

5. Now this fifth step is new and it's quite possibly my favorite step. It's been a game changer in the morning drink ritual. My first question for you is have you tried Nut Pod Creamer, the greatest thing since sliced bread honestly. It's an all plant based creamer made from almonds and coconuts. It's dairy and soy free, gluten free, non-gmo, plant based, vegan and no carregeenan. I heat it up for 35 seconds and froth it and add it to the top of my coffee. LIFE CHANGING. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic but still. LOVE IT! 

And there you have it folks.. my morning hot beverage that is truly one of my favorite parts to my morning routine. 

What's your favorite morning beverage? 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

2020 Book List

If you read my post on how to make a virtual vision board this week on the blog, one thing I mentioned in there was that I wanted to read 10 books this year. I decided to invest in a Kindle because I had listened to Bri McKoy talk about how it was easy to transport, carry in her purse and she read more books because of it. I am 3 weeks into January and I've already read 2 of the 10 books I set out to read so I am confident I'll way exceed my goal. 🙌

I thought in this blog post it would be fun to talk about my list of 10 books. At the end of every month, I'll recap the books I read and give a more in-depth review. So watch out next week for a review of the two I have already read. 

When I made the decision to read 10, I went to a few of my favorite Instagram accounts that share books on the regular. The two I personally went to advice for were, Heather Offer (aka @blondetwinmom) and Shay Shull (aka @mixandmatchmama), with their recommendations.. this was my list: 

I did some reading after I purchased my Kindle about the most cost effective way to read books. Here's what I found out, through your local library, you can rent books for your Kindle as long as you have a library card. So I am reading these books in any random order but I have yet to pay for a book so that's a huge win! If you are a Kindle owner and want to start renting books through your Library, start at and you can see what your library has available. I mean, for free, it's not a bad gig. Plus by the time I read 4-5 books, I'll have paid for my Kindle in the cost it would have been for me to purchase each book. 

As you can see, the two books I've read so far are Best Day Ever and The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Both were amazing books for different reasons. I'll dive more into my personal thoughts next week for my book review. Currently I'm reading Becoming and I'm enjoying it so far.

Do you have any book favorites that I need to add to my list?! Share them with me in the comments, DM, or email! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

My 2020 Goals + How to Make a Vision Board

Last week on Instagram stories I talked about goals vs vision and defining what you want out of 2020. I took a poll and asked who was a goal person and who wasn't.. so if you aren't a goal person and reading this, I want to challenge you and share a message of encouragement with you on WHY you should let this year be the year that you make some goals. Goals make you better. They don't need to be crazy but they help give you something to work towards. The process of becoming the best you absolutely involves goals.

Maybe you don't make goals because you've never actually accomplished them. Or maybe you've made your goals about other people rather than just yourself and that's why they haven't been successful. The first thing I want to call out is that goals have nothing, I repeat nothing, to do with other people. They have everything to do with you. A desire can have something to do with other people but your goals should always be about you and how you are going to be better. 

I believe that vulnerability attracts people and makes others feel safe and so today, I want to break down my vision board for 2020 and how to make one. A few Fridays a go when I was listening to an amazing woman named Linda Evenden, she shared that you need a new vision board for every year. I had created a 10 year vision board that I looked at everyday but I needed something to focus on TODAY. To take the next step towards becoming the best me. So my question for you today is, what steps can you take in 2020 to become more of your best self? Go to bed on time, wake up at a certain time everyday, read a certain number of books, drink more water, exercise a certain amount every week, be more joyful, calm, patient, create boundaries... the list goes on. I just listed about 10 different goals that are simple and you can accomplish them if you have some discipline. Choose to put you first this year. Choose to become the best you. With all that said, I hope I got your wheels turning. 

Let's dive into my 2020 vision board..

First up... 26. What the heck does that mean to me?!

I'll tell you exactly what it means, it means I want to make 26 thousand dollars in profit this year with my business. Hopefully you aren't falling out of your chair because I'm talking about money but I'm keeping it REAL. Is 26k a lot of money, relatively, no. A lot of people make a lot more money but to mean, it would mean I doubled my profit in my second year of business and truly that's a huge deal for me. 

What does this mean? Well, to me it means truly establishing my brand this year, perfecting my website, continuing to cultivate an incredible community, and more! I know what's on the horizon is really big and I'm ready for it. 

This means exactly like what is says, it means I want to embody a true boldness this year. To continue sharing what's on my heart unapologetically and not give two flying flips what anybody thinks. To continue walking out the plan God has for my life with boldness and confidence.

Everyday I want to embody joy.. days will be hard in 2020 and there will be a lot of change but with each day, I want to choose joy and be the true epitome of that. Not because my circumstances are incredible but because of WHO my joy is found in. 

Last year was a year of establishing a consistent schedule of running. This year, I want to set my mind to a number. Running is a HUGE mental game for me. It's not something that brings me tons of joy but it makes me feel good and it's an amazing stress relief. This year I want to run because it's fun and I want to run a race. So a half marathon it is. 

The last few typed out things on my board are 10 books (I'm talking all about that on Instagram and a blog post is coming on Thursday about it), SSC, to be FUN and have 8 qualified businesses on my team this year. 

All of these goals are extremely important to me and I'm committed to accomplishing them. If you want to create a virtual vision board, I made mine through Hay House Vision Board App. I took the photos off Google and simply pasted them in. If you decide to make a vision board and share it to social media, will you tag me? I'd love to see it. 

I'm rooting for you in all your goals this year-- big or small, friend. Let's. Do. This! 

Friday, January 17, 2020

What's Shred10?

You've likely seen me post over and over again about how amazing Shred10 is. Maybe you've missed the explanation of what it is and how it's something you may need to incorporate into your life. Today I wanted to take some time to explain Shred10 and how it has been an integral piece in my health journey. Here's the first thing I want to say, it's not a FAD diet. It's based on simply adding more fruits and vegetables and eliminating the things that aren't serving you in your daily life. I can promise you, each one of us have things that aren't serving us in the day to day.

 Shred10 was created by a doctor and athlete. The Guidelines are credible and doable. You are shredding over one weekend and for 10 days monthly. I've never been a program person until I was introduced to Shred10 and realized the value and importance of eliminating and adding. Check out the Shred10 website to see an introduction video and hear amazing results from all different people.

Here's what you are adding: 
More Real Food
Juice Plus capsules or chewables 
2 Complete Shakes Daily 
Plenty of Water 
Sleep 7-8 Hours
Exercise Most Day 

Here's what you are eliminating: 
Process Food
Artificial and Refined Sugars 
Eating after 6:00 pm (aka intermittent fasting)

During Shred you are consuming all of this on top of the fruits and veggies you are consuming in your meals! You aren't counting calories you are going for QUALITY over quantity.

So maybe you're saying, okay well if I can't eat gluten or dairy what CAN I eat? Don't worry.. when you make the decision to Shred with me, you are given two amazing cookbooks. One is packed full of recipes and the other is packed full of smoothie ideas. Both are incredible resources. If you follow me on Instagram, most of the meals I have been making this week have been from the cookbook!

 On top of that, I give you a sample meal plan for some different ways you can map out your days! We have an incredible Facebook group with amazing accountability that gives you recipe ideas, educates you on the importance of water, sleep, and so much more! 

Maybe the thought just popped into your head, I'm doing Keto. What's the difference between that and Shred? Check out this amazing video for a beautiful break down by Dr. Mitra Ray. 

Or maybe you're thinking, okay all of this sounds great but what is happening to the people that do say yes and commit? Every single person is different but here are some results from my people that made the commit and decision to Shred. 

John said, this is the best he has felt on a detox program. 

Dave has lost 40 pounds in 4 months from shredding. 

Alisa over a 3 month shred period lost 8 pounds and 5 inches off her waist. 

Kelsey experienced 3.5 pounds lost 4 days in and her skin is clear and glowing. After the full 10 days she was down by 5 lbs.

Rachel lost 5 lbs during her 10 day period.

I have so much energy and I feel great. No bloat. I feel like a new person! 

2 days in and I feel amazing. I am sleeping great and love the shakes! 

Julie kicked drinking diet coke to the curb after 21 years! 

Sadie shared that Shred10 gave her a completely new perspective on food and the importance of eating healthy! 

Here are the things I have personally experienced.. no anxiety, my skin is bright and glowing, I wake up at 5 with amazing energy, I am craving healthy foods and long to exercise, I drink water and that's it! 

Why should YOU join us?
Because you're going to feel great. You're going to be energized, minimize bloat, you're going to be conscious of your food choices, your cravings will change (aka kick those bad habits to the curb), you look and truly feel your best but it starts from the INSIDE not the outside. 

Here's the thing guys, it's a lifestyle change. We aren't perfect but we commit 10 days to ourselves each month to truly look and feel our best! When you feel good you are confident and want to take the next step forward in becoming the best you. Shred10 has been catalyst in my health journey and hundreds of others. If you've been looking for something to give you a jump start.. you may have just found the answer.

We are Shredding on January 20th and again on February 3rd. We would absolutely love for you to join us! You can do anything for 10 days. Let's. Do. This.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Three Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

The transition from one season of life to another isn't for the faint of heart. It's hard and if someone thinks it's not or says it's not, they are lying. It's scary, confusing and at times can be hard to navigate. It feels unknown and so out of our control that we aren't sure how to walk forward in the calling that's been placed on our lives. I remember so vividly graduating from college and feeling the utmost pride that I had completed and received a degree from my dream university. I felt unstoppable. I felt like the world was my oyster. You likely feel the same way until those feelings come to a screeching halt because things maybe aren't quite panning out as you hoped. This monumental moment in our book of life happens and then real life proceeds. The moment you've been waiting for is but a few seconds or hours and then, it's over. I don't say it's over in a negative or cynical way but it's the reality. You were waiting for this moment to happen, the high comes and it goes as quickly as you take a breath. I believe that's one of the hardest parts. We put some much pressure on the moment and what it will feel like that when it's over we enter this state of sadness and disapointment because now we aren't quite sure what direction to head in.

Here's what I know, regardless of whether you are in a post grad season or in a new season of marriage, or adulthood or high school, I believe these principles still apply and if we can implement them as we move through life, those tough new seasons may feel more doable. 

As I've moved through a few new seasons in my life, here's what I would say to my younger self if I could go back and coach her.. 

Have zero expectations of what you think this new season of life will look like. Why do I say have zero expectations? Because I think as women we picture how things are supposed to go. What the moment will feel like, smell like, look like and if it's the slightest bit different from our unrealistic imagination, we are disappointed but we can't quite pin point why. We aren't sure how to feel and because already the first moment looks different then we thought, it clouds our vision for the rest of the journey. I believe there are some incredible hidden moments the Lord has waiting for you in this new season but if we are clouded by expectation and how this new season has already disappointed us, do you think we'll be open to the blessings along the way? Probably not. So be open, pray and ask the Lord to guide your steps, your thoughts and your mind. Realize that His plan is far greater than anything you could have thought or imagined. 

Be open to possibilities and opportunities that may not feel like the "norm." This is coming from the gal that studied to be an event planner and her life got taken in a completely different direction. Writer, encourager, and health enthusiast. God used some of my greatest pain and it became my ministry. Did I know that when I walked across that graduation stage I would dabble in events but eventually start my own health and wellness business? No. Did I think that when I arrived in Abilene as a hot off the press grad hopeful and excited for a job that there wouldn't be any opportunities for me? No. But did God have something greater and bigger than I even thought or imagined? Yes. He gave me a platform and a love for people and has used some of the hardest times in my life to encourage and spur on others. As we exit college and a new season we want to make an impact and leave a legacy but that may not always look how you thought it would. So be open, ask the Lord to lead you and guide you, whatever that may look like. Surrender your approval of others and how you think your life should look and give it to Jesus. His plan is far greater friend. 

Trust that in this new and uncharted territory, growth is happening. You are becoming more of the person you've been called to be. That may be exciting, it may be terrifying or it may give you zero encouragement at all, but here is what I know.. When you look back a year, two years, or three years from now, you'll see your younger self and realize, the person you are today is because you walked through that hard. You released the expectations, you were open to possibility and you allowed God to use you in incredible ways. Trust the process and trust the transition. All things are working together for the good of those that love HIM and are called according to His purpose.

I'm rooting for you friend. Keep fighting the good fight. Make a difference. Love people and embrace this season.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

My Word for 2020!

Happy 2020, friends! Can you believe we've entered another decade! I'm expectant for the year and what it will bring. I hope that your year is off to a great start. If you've been following me for the last few years, you know that I choose a word every year to focus on and grow in.

 With a lot of prayer and guidance, the Lord leads me to a word that eventually becomes so fitting. With each new year, I work to make sure I am embracing the previous year's word so that I am constantly growing and learning as an individual. Self development and growth is so important to me and so as the Lord impresses a word on my heart, I am always expectant of who I will become and how He will transform me over the year.

As I was approaching 2020 and thinking about what my word would be, I got this feeling and nudge from the Holy Spirit for the word, balance. 2019 was a year of releasing. Releasing control, releasing expectations, releasing how I thought things should go and simply trusting the Lord with where He had me in Abilene. It was a year of discovery as I truly dove into my business and sky rocketed. It was a year of great growth but I struggled to find balance. The first part of the year I said yes to everything because I wanted to fill my time and find my place in the community. I got burnt out and decided in the fall, I would be selective in what I did and truly try to embrace the things that the Lord had set in front of me.

I feel I did that well in the fall but I also gave a lot of myself to my business and by the end of the day, I'd have nothing left to give the world, let alone Zach. I was exhausted and just wanted to be "horizontal" as I like to call it. 😂 I wasn't super intentional and I overdid it. My type-A personality has a tendency to work extremely hard, leaving little to no balance in my life.

So when the Lord impressed the word, balance on my heart I questioned whether that was from Him or my own thoughts. I prayed about it for quite a few weeks and it was still the lingering word. This year I believe I'll find balance in how I live my daily life, I'll find balance in being present with work, being present with Zach, being present with community and truly being intentional. I want to be focused but not to the extent that I miss out on the blessings that the Lord has so graciously woven in my life in this season.

2020-- you are balance for me. I will learn to be okay with not always being on the go and I will learn to be okay with relaxing and reading a book. There is a lot in store for Zach and I over this next year. When the time is right, I'll share, and no, we aren't pregnant. But big things are coming and I am hopeful. If you've made it to the end of this post, I do have a prayer request (if praying isn't your thing, would you send me some love and good vibes? 😄)

 I feel a bit unsettled with the new year. A lot is on the horizon and I am longing to feel settled. Would you pray for great peace and that the Lord would meet me in the unsettled feelings?

Thanks for letting me share my heart. I'm so thankful for my little space on the internet. ❤️

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