Thursday, January 23, 2020

2020 Book List

If you read my post on how to make a virtual vision board this week on the blog, one thing I mentioned in there was that I wanted to read 10 books this year. I decided to invest in a Kindle because I had listened to Bri McKoy talk about how it was easy to transport, carry in her purse and she read more books because of it. I am 3 weeks into January and I've already read 2 of the 10 books I set out to read so I am confident I'll way exceed my goal. 🙌

I thought in this blog post it would be fun to talk about my list of 10 books. At the end of every month, I'll recap the books I read and give a more in-depth review. So watch out next week for a review of the two I have already read. 

When I made the decision to read 10, I went to a few of my favorite Instagram accounts that share books on the regular. The two I personally went to advice for were, Heather Offer (aka @blondetwinmom) and Shay Shull (aka @mixandmatchmama), with their recommendations.. this was my list: 

I did some reading after I purchased my Kindle about the most cost effective way to read books. Here's what I found out, through your local library, you can rent books for your Kindle as long as you have a library card. So I am reading these books in any random order but I have yet to pay for a book so that's a huge win! If you are a Kindle owner and want to start renting books through your Library, start at and you can see what your library has available. I mean, for free, it's not a bad gig. Plus by the time I read 4-5 books, I'll have paid for my Kindle in the cost it would have been for me to purchase each book. 

As you can see, the two books I've read so far are Best Day Ever and The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Both were amazing books for different reasons. I'll dive more into my personal thoughts next week for my book review. Currently I'm reading Becoming and I'm enjoying it so far.

Do you have any book favorites that I need to add to my list?! Share them with me in the comments, DM, or email! 


  1. I'm not big on monthly subscriptions because I find that I typically am not quite that reliable, but I definitely make an exception for my Kindle Unlimited subscription. It works like Prime Reading but instead of just being able to have 2 books downloaded at a time, you can have 11, and the KU library is so much larger than the Prime library. However, Prime Reading does give you early access to more anticipated books.

    If I started recommending books for you to read on your Kindle, I might not ever stop. But you can always check out my monthly reading inventory on my blog @


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