Wednesday, January 22, 2020

My 2020 Goals + How to Make a Vision Board

Last week on Instagram stories I talked about goals vs vision and defining what you want out of 2020. I took a poll and asked who was a goal person and who wasn't.. so if you aren't a goal person and reading this, I want to challenge you and share a message of encouragement with you on WHY you should let this year be the year that you make some goals. Goals make you better. They don't need to be crazy but they help give you something to work towards. The process of becoming the best you absolutely involves goals.

Maybe you don't make goals because you've never actually accomplished them. Or maybe you've made your goals about other people rather than just yourself and that's why they haven't been successful. The first thing I want to call out is that goals have nothing, I repeat nothing, to do with other people. They have everything to do with you. A desire can have something to do with other people but your goals should always be about you and how you are going to be better. 

I believe that vulnerability attracts people and makes others feel safe and so today, I want to break down my vision board for 2020 and how to make one. A few Fridays a go when I was listening to an amazing woman named Linda Evenden, she shared that you need a new vision board for every year. I had created a 10 year vision board that I looked at everyday but I needed something to focus on TODAY. To take the next step towards becoming the best me. So my question for you today is, what steps can you take in 2020 to become more of your best self? Go to bed on time, wake up at a certain time everyday, read a certain number of books, drink more water, exercise a certain amount every week, be more joyful, calm, patient, create boundaries... the list goes on. I just listed about 10 different goals that are simple and you can accomplish them if you have some discipline. Choose to put you first this year. Choose to become the best you. With all that said, I hope I got your wheels turning. 

Let's dive into my 2020 vision board..

First up... 26. What the heck does that mean to me?!

I'll tell you exactly what it means, it means I want to make 26 thousand dollars in profit this year with my business. Hopefully you aren't falling out of your chair because I'm talking about money but I'm keeping it REAL. Is 26k a lot of money, relatively, no. A lot of people make a lot more money but to mean, it would mean I doubled my profit in my second year of business and truly that's a huge deal for me. 

What does this mean? Well, to me it means truly establishing my brand this year, perfecting my website, continuing to cultivate an incredible community, and more! I know what's on the horizon is really big and I'm ready for it. 

This means exactly like what is says, it means I want to embody a true boldness this year. To continue sharing what's on my heart unapologetically and not give two flying flips what anybody thinks. To continue walking out the plan God has for my life with boldness and confidence.

Everyday I want to embody joy.. days will be hard in 2020 and there will be a lot of change but with each day, I want to choose joy and be the true epitome of that. Not because my circumstances are incredible but because of WHO my joy is found in. 

Last year was a year of establishing a consistent schedule of running. This year, I want to set my mind to a number. Running is a HUGE mental game for me. It's not something that brings me tons of joy but it makes me feel good and it's an amazing stress relief. This year I want to run because it's fun and I want to run a race. So a half marathon it is. 

The last few typed out things on my board are 10 books (I'm talking all about that on Instagram and a blog post is coming on Thursday about it), SSC, to be FUN and have 8 qualified businesses on my team this year. 

All of these goals are extremely important to me and I'm committed to accomplishing them. If you want to create a virtual vision board, I made mine through Hay House Vision Board App. I took the photos off Google and simply pasted them in. If you decide to make a vision board and share it to social media, will you tag me? I'd love to see it. 

I'm rooting for you in all your goals this year-- big or small, friend. Let's. Do. This! 

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