Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Three Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

The transition from one season of life to another isn't for the faint of heart. It's hard and if someone thinks it's not or says it's not, they are lying. It's scary, confusing and at times can be hard to navigate. It feels unknown and so out of our control that we aren't sure how to walk forward in the calling that's been placed on our lives. I remember so vividly graduating from college and feeling the utmost pride that I had completed and received a degree from my dream university. I felt unstoppable. I felt like the world was my oyster. You likely feel the same way until those feelings come to a screeching halt because things maybe aren't quite panning out as you hoped. This monumental moment in our book of life happens and then real life proceeds. The moment you've been waiting for is but a few seconds or hours and then, it's over. I don't say it's over in a negative or cynical way but it's the reality. You were waiting for this moment to happen, the high comes and it goes as quickly as you take a breath. I believe that's one of the hardest parts. We put some much pressure on the moment and what it will feel like that when it's over we enter this state of sadness and disapointment because now we aren't quite sure what direction to head in.

Here's what I know, regardless of whether you are in a post grad season or in a new season of marriage, or adulthood or high school, I believe these principles still apply and if we can implement them as we move through life, those tough new seasons may feel more doable. 

As I've moved through a few new seasons in my life, here's what I would say to my younger self if I could go back and coach her.. 

Have zero expectations of what you think this new season of life will look like. Why do I say have zero expectations? Because I think as women we picture how things are supposed to go. What the moment will feel like, smell like, look like and if it's the slightest bit different from our unrealistic imagination, we are disappointed but we can't quite pin point why. We aren't sure how to feel and because already the first moment looks different then we thought, it clouds our vision for the rest of the journey. I believe there are some incredible hidden moments the Lord has waiting for you in this new season but if we are clouded by expectation and how this new season has already disappointed us, do you think we'll be open to the blessings along the way? Probably not. So be open, pray and ask the Lord to guide your steps, your thoughts and your mind. Realize that His plan is far greater than anything you could have thought or imagined. 

Be open to possibilities and opportunities that may not feel like the "norm." This is coming from the gal that studied to be an event planner and her life got taken in a completely different direction. Writer, encourager, and health enthusiast. God used some of my greatest pain and it became my ministry. Did I know that when I walked across that graduation stage I would dabble in events but eventually start my own health and wellness business? No. Did I think that when I arrived in Abilene as a hot off the press grad hopeful and excited for a job that there wouldn't be any opportunities for me? No. But did God have something greater and bigger than I even thought or imagined? Yes. He gave me a platform and a love for people and has used some of the hardest times in my life to encourage and spur on others. As we exit college and a new season we want to make an impact and leave a legacy but that may not always look how you thought it would. So be open, ask the Lord to lead you and guide you, whatever that may look like. Surrender your approval of others and how you think your life should look and give it to Jesus. His plan is far greater friend. 

Trust that in this new and uncharted territory, growth is happening. You are becoming more of the person you've been called to be. That may be exciting, it may be terrifying or it may give you zero encouragement at all, but here is what I know.. When you look back a year, two years, or three years from now, you'll see your younger self and realize, the person you are today is because you walked through that hard. You released the expectations, you were open to possibility and you allowed God to use you in incredible ways. Trust the process and trust the transition. All things are working together for the good of those that love HIM and are called according to His purpose.

I'm rooting for you friend. Keep fighting the good fight. Make a difference. Love people and embrace this season.

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  1. Love this, especially "Be open to possibilities and opportunities that may not feel like the "norm."" I think people, women especially, set goals and then fall into the trap of thinking there's only one path to get there. Spoken by someone who took a 10-year detour before finally arriving at my intended destination. Great advice!


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