Friday, January 17, 2020

What's Shred10?

You've likely seen me post over and over again about how amazing Shred10 is. Maybe you've missed the explanation of what it is and how it's something you may need to incorporate into your life. Today I wanted to take some time to explain Shred10 and how it has been an integral piece in my health journey. Here's the first thing I want to say, it's not a FAD diet. It's based on simply adding more fruits and vegetables and eliminating the things that aren't serving you in your daily life. I can promise you, each one of us have things that aren't serving us in the day to day.

 Shred10 was created by a doctor and athlete. The Guidelines are credible and doable. You are shredding over one weekend and for 10 days monthly. I've never been a program person until I was introduced to Shred10 and realized the value and importance of eliminating and adding. Check out the Shred10 website to see an introduction video and hear amazing results from all different people.

Here's what you are adding: 
More Real Food
Juice Plus capsules or chewables 
2 Complete Shakes Daily 
Plenty of Water 
Sleep 7-8 Hours
Exercise Most Day 

Here's what you are eliminating: 
Process Food
Artificial and Refined Sugars 
Eating after 6:00 pm (aka intermittent fasting)

During Shred you are consuming all of this on top of the fruits and veggies you are consuming in your meals! You aren't counting calories you are going for QUALITY over quantity.

So maybe you're saying, okay well if I can't eat gluten or dairy what CAN I eat? Don't worry.. when you make the decision to Shred with me, you are given two amazing cookbooks. One is packed full of recipes and the other is packed full of smoothie ideas. Both are incredible resources. If you follow me on Instagram, most of the meals I have been making this week have been from the cookbook!

 On top of that, I give you a sample meal plan for some different ways you can map out your days! We have an incredible Facebook group with amazing accountability that gives you recipe ideas, educates you on the importance of water, sleep, and so much more! 

Maybe the thought just popped into your head, I'm doing Keto. What's the difference between that and Shred? Check out this amazing video for a beautiful break down by Dr. Mitra Ray. 

Or maybe you're thinking, okay all of this sounds great but what is happening to the people that do say yes and commit? Every single person is different but here are some results from my people that made the commit and decision to Shred. 

John said, this is the best he has felt on a detox program. 

Dave has lost 40 pounds in 4 months from shredding. 

Alisa over a 3 month shred period lost 8 pounds and 5 inches off her waist. 

Kelsey experienced 3.5 pounds lost 4 days in and her skin is clear and glowing. After the full 10 days she was down by 5 lbs.

Rachel lost 5 lbs during her 10 day period.

I have so much energy and I feel great. No bloat. I feel like a new person! 

2 days in and I feel amazing. I am sleeping great and love the shakes! 

Julie kicked drinking diet coke to the curb after 21 years! 

Sadie shared that Shred10 gave her a completely new perspective on food and the importance of eating healthy! 

Here are the things I have personally experienced.. no anxiety, my skin is bright and glowing, I wake up at 5 with amazing energy, I am craving healthy foods and long to exercise, I drink water and that's it! 

Why should YOU join us?
Because you're going to feel great. You're going to be energized, minimize bloat, you're going to be conscious of your food choices, your cravings will change (aka kick those bad habits to the curb), you look and truly feel your best but it starts from the INSIDE not the outside. 

Here's the thing guys, it's a lifestyle change. We aren't perfect but we commit 10 days to ourselves each month to truly look and feel our best! When you feel good you are confident and want to take the next step forward in becoming the best you. Shred10 has been catalyst in my health journey and hundreds of others. If you've been looking for something to give you a jump start.. you may have just found the answer.

We are Shredding on January 20th and again on February 3rd. We would absolutely love for you to join us! You can do anything for 10 days. Let's. Do. This.

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