Thursday, February 20, 2020

Target Finds for Spring!

Spring is approaching y'all and quite frankly I cant wait! I can't wait for warmer weather, spring dresses and vitamin D! I have been eying and seeing a lot of people share some adorable Target items and so I thought today I'd share some of things that are on my list to purchase.  I'm a basic girl through and through. If you have basics you can wear them all different ways and make it look like you own a ton of clothes. This weekend I plan to go through my closet and donate/sell a lot of items. I love a good closet purge. It also allows me to buy new items without feeling guilty because I got rid of some before I added more...anyone else have the same mentality? 😉

Today's post is short and sweet but hopefully it gave you some inspiration for the spring and maybe even inspired you to do a closet purge. I've been sharing my organizational highlights on Instagram.. if you missed it, be sure to check it out! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Our Weekend in San Antonio

What a fun weekend in San Antonio! If you've never been to the area, I highly recommend you make a weekend of it and go. The area is fun, lively, there is amazing food and walking everywhere is just fun! 

We stayed at the The Springhill Suites near the Alamo. We were about a 5 minute walk from the area and it was perfect. We booked it through Hotwire and for $412 we stayed for two nights. I thought it was a pretty great deal! The $412 was the final number with taxes and fees. The only negative to staying in the city is you have to factor in parking. We went with the valet option through the hotel and it was about $40 a night with taxes. 

My sweet friend Mary Beth sent me a list of food recommendations before arriving. The list was PURE gold and every place on the list was amazing. On Friday night when we arrived, we walked to Dough Pizzeria. I had looked this place up prior to going to see if they had gluten free crust. The delivery far outweighed my expectations y'all. The gluten free crust was so good I was afraid the entire time I was eating it that it was full of gluten. I got the Pulled Proscuitto pizza and had all the cheese taken off except Goat Cheese (if you are lactose intolerant, I would try these cheese.. it doesn't have the protein that normal Cows milk does). Seriously an amazing combo. I enjoyed their best red blend and we sat on the patio. Quite frankly, I was in food heaven. 

Saturday we spent the day exploring. The highlights were the Pearl Farmer's Market. This is every Saturday and Sunday in the pearl district. For lunch, Zach enjoyed a gyro and I enjoyed a gluten free crepe. It was absolutely delicious. The atmosphere was so fun. I absolutely recommend going. While you are there, check out Hotel Emma and go inside and look at the bar. So eclectic and unique! We weren't in the mood to drink when we walked in but had it been evening time, I likely would have enjoyed an adult beverage. 

One other spot we went to in the Pearl District was Lick Ice Cream. They had dairy free ice cream and it was fantastic. I enjoyed the Peanut Butter Brownie Swirl and Zach got the Cream Cheese Kolache. 

To finish the day of walking around up, we did the Riverwalk and enjoyed dinner at Acenar. I got the shrimp tacos and Zach had an enchilada plate. Another food win for the day! 

Sunday morning we woke up, went to Church with some friends in the area and then headed back to Abilene. It was a fantastic weekend. My idea of a great trip is good food and even better company. San Antonio provided me both... I'll absolutely be back. 😉

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Your Next Step Towards Health and Wholeness

I think so often in the heat of anxiety it can feel as though you take 5 steps forward and 3 back.. but here's what I want you to see in that, you still took two steps forward. You still are making progress and striving towards wholeness and healing. 

In the battle for our minds, so often it can feel as though we aren't sure of what we need to do next. The chaos of our minds feels too great and we want to change but aren't certain what we should do. In the heat of my anxiety journey, there are a lot of things I wasn't doing to take care of myself. I let anxiety control my life and I took the passenger seat. I worked through the panic attacks and thoughts as best I could, but ultimately my body was suffering. Can you relate? 

When I made the decision that enough was enough, I started with the physical aspect of improving my body. When I say physical what am I referring to? I'm referring to water intake, exercise, nutrition, healthy habits that serve me physically, not take away. 

The purpose of my post today is to help you identify your next step. 

What is one thing on this sheet that you can do for the next two weeks to positivity impact your body? Is that exercising for 3 days a week? Is that setting a strict bedtime and not compromising on it? What is your next right step?

When I said enough was enough and started making big changes, here is what I personally did...I made the commitment to exercise 3 days a week and go on a walk the other 2. I signed up for an at home workout program and used those three days a week. Eventually I started running but until I was ready to do that I used videos at home. 

I started flooding my body with plant powders. Why did I do that you may be asking? Because our body needs more fruits and vegetables then what it is getting. I knew I wasn't getting enough and this was my daily insurance. It's a product backed by clinical research and it's changed my life. Our guts are the second brain and if we aren't flooding them with good things, how can we expect to think clearly? If you're interested in learning more about those, I'd love to share them with you! 

These were the two big decisions I made.. what happened naturally after making those decisions and sticking to them? I began to eliminate caffeine from my diet, I began to drink a ton of water, I started running, I started sleeping soundly, I started being able to capture my thoughts more and tell them no. Those two decisions were PIVOTAL in my health journey and they weren't so difficult that I didn't feel like I could do it. 

The journey has been incredible y'all and my greatest pain has become the sweetest ministry. I get to minister to women daily on the importance of taking care of ourselves. I want you to know I'm here for you if you're ready to take your next step. I'm rooting for you always. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Home Decor Inspo + Decorating Tips

The creativity of decorating gets me SO excited.. it works my brain and causes me to think in ways that I absolutely love. To me, it's like a challenge. I have a piece of furniture or decor and I need to figure out how to make it work in the space that I have... over the weekend I spent some time sprucing my house up. I didn't do anything too crazy but it's funny how rearranging can give your house an entirely new feel. Whether you have an eye for decorating or wish you did, I want to share with you some of the work I did this weekend and some practical tools for how to decorate your space and be inspired. 

The ways that I get inspired to decorate is through social media. Instagram and Pinterest are my best friends when I decide I'm going to do some rearranging/decorating. The account where I got the majority of my inspiration from this weekend was The Clearance Hunter. She is a military spouse who searches for the best deal. She goes to stores like Target, Walmart, Kirklands, Ross, Marshalls, Amazon, Hobby Lobby etc and shares what she purchased and what she found. Everything she shares is reasonably priced which I love. 

The things that caught my eye this weekend from her page were this vasethis basketand this bud vase. All simple things in nature but I knew with adding some greenery to the vases and faux flowers to the basket it would spruce my house up majorly. Of course upon arriving to Michaels, I found some other items that I had to grab. I absolutely love these faux peach stems. Here is how I styled the items I purchased: 

Now you may be thinking, "Abi this looks great but how do I do this myself?" 
Here are my practical tips and steps for making pieces come to life in your home.. 
I'll use my window sill and cheese mold as an example since I was feeling stumped on what to do with it this weekend. I purchased this adorable cheese board last fall from an antique shop here and absolutely love it.. I had succulents in it last spring but I prefer as much faux as possible. I had it sitting in my window sill completely empty and everything in me was like I'll just put that away and redecorate the space until I find a good use for the cheese mold. Then the practical side of my head said "no, use what you have." 

So to Pinterest I went.. I typed in cheese mold decor ideas... here are a few of the images that caught my eye. 

I thought to myself, "okay, I can do candles or I could get some of those vases on sale at Michael's and put some faux greenery in it." So I ran back to Michael's and grabbed some little jars and some greenery from Target and voila! A beautiful window sill set up. 

My encouragement to you is, whatever space you have and need help on.. go to Pinterest and type a specific search in. For example, maybe I have a cake stand and I want to see how I could decorate it as a centerpiece. I would type in, "cake stand centerpiece kitchen." Browse and save the things that you're drawn to.. then go back to those photos and think to yourself if you have anything in your house that could work to put it together.. House shopping is a real thing. Go through your home and find things that aren't be used or are but rearrange them. It gives everything a completely fresh new feel for no cost! If you are lacking something then I would encourage you to go look at the Hobby Lobby coupon ads or Michaels.. start there with what is on sale and then go look other places.

If you need some help with finding inspiration on Instagram, ask your friends if they follow any decorators.. who knows what amazing account you may find!! Don't let decorating intimidate you, let it inspire you.. and if even after reading this you feel totally overwhelmed, maybe you allocate resources and bring in outside help, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Everyone is gifted differently but my encouragement to you is, give it a try and see what happens.. you never know, you may turn into an amazing little house shopper and decorator. 😉

Thursday, February 6, 2020

My Morning Routine


I THRIVE off of routine and truly I believe everyone does, just not everyone is disciplined enough to implement it. Creating routine at first can be quite difficult. It can feel hard because you are placing boundaries and constraints on yourself that may be uncomfortable. But here is what I know, with a solid morning routine, it will change your life. So with that said, let's dive into mine. 

5:00 AM-- Time to get up! I used to let the alarm go off at 5:00 and snooze till 5:30 but that's a force to be reckoned with. Be disciplined and whatever time you say you're going to get up, do it. Don't get me wrong, 5:00 am doesn't always feel good but once I'm up I am so stinking thankful I did it. 

5:05-- I brush my teeth, pee and come downstairs and immediately drink a glass of water with two cap fulls of Apple Cider Vinegar. Below is an image of 19 benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. I always start my day off with water to get my metabolism going and to not let the first liquid in my mouth be coffee. 

5:05-5:30(5)-- Quiet time. I start my day every morning with prayer journaling and reading my Bible. It's how I find my peace and ground myself for the day. I'm currently reading the Bible in two years so that's the plan I am following but this is a sweet time of complete solitude and truly my favorite way to start the day. I notice that when I don't, my entire day is off. 

5:30-6:00-- Right now I am experimenting with what I do specifically in this time but I think it's going to be things like, folding up any last minute laundry items, starting a load, my mug from my evening tea in the dishwasher, etc.. this way I have a completely clean space to start the day. My kitchen is always clean every night before bed but I usually stick my mug in the sink after I drink my tea and so does Zach. Once that's done, I hop in the shower and do a quick rinse off, enjoy the warm water and then get out. Something I started doing a few months ago is using Micellar Cleansing Water instead of washing my face in the morning. Washing it twice a day was too harsh and causing breakouts. So I give my face a good swipe with that using a cotton swab and then apply my toner. 

6:00-6:15-- Put on my clothes for the day, moisturize my face, put deodorant on and come downstairs. Lately, my everyday look has been very simple. Sometimes I wonder if I should get totally ready every single day but the reality is, I don't always see people and it's a waste of time, makeup and time to get all ready only to sit on my couch and work all day. I also love letting my face breath and only putting on makeup a few days a week. It's helped my skin be bright and clear. 

6:15-6:30- Make my coffee shake and get settled to start reading. My coffee shake is outstanding, I shared it on the blog week before last. It's something I drink every single day and it's quite possibly one of my favorite things about my morning rituals. There is nothing like a hot cup between your hands in the dark quiet of the morning. 

6:30-7:00-- I read my personal development book, write out 5 things I'm thankful for and 10 dreams I have. Right now I'm currently reading High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. It's fantastic and I highly recommend it. Once I get through this I'm going to be reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. I've heard that one is amazing too! 

7:00-8:00-- I now use this time to write and create the daily habit of figuring out my plan for the blog. Currently, while I write this post it's 7:30 am so I am on track for my morning routine. 😉

8:00-9:00-- Power Hour. This is my uninterrupted time of growing my business, following up with people, reaching out to current customers, communicating with my team etc. 

9:00-11:00-- I still work for my dad's company part time and so this two hour block is spent working on that if I have a list of things to do or I am figuring out my social media plan for the day and my content I plan to post. 

11:00-12:00-- Lunch 

So there you have it. Nothing crazy but my simple, everyday morning routine. What's something that is a non negotiable in your morning routine? Share it with me below! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

January 2020 Book Review

It's time for my January Book Review.. if you've been following me you know that I made a goal in 2020 to read 10 books. Well in January alone I read two so I am well on my way to surpassing my goal. Do you set reading goals for yourself each month/year? Is it something you enjoy?

 Reading is definitely a discipline that I am loving more and more with time. The reason I struggled initially was because relaxing my brain was extremely hard to do. Now I know it's something I need to be disciplined about and really carve out time for.

These two books were my successful completes for January and I enjoyed both of them thoroughly. Both extremely different but entertaining and captivating all in their own right. My reviews are not spoilers but overarching thoughts..

Let's start with Best Day Ever. This is an entraining psychological thriller about a couple's marriage and their lives that get crazy twisted towards the end of the book. What I love is you start out wondering where it's going to take a turn. You are learning a lot about the characters and who they are in the beginning of the book. There are a lot of clues and pieces that all come together at the end. It was an extremely quick read for me, I read it in a week and could have done it much faster but wasn't able to sit down in one sitting and finish it. lol. This book is perfect for a Saturday by the fire, a vacation read by the beach, or while traveling in a plane. Definitely add it to your list.

I finished the month reading The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Of the two, this one was my favorite. If you had to choose between the two of these which one to read, I'd tell you to choose this one. It gave me such a deep appreciation and respect for what the Jews went through years ago. Not that I didn't have the respect before but connecting with people's stories is truly incredible. It's a powerful love story that draws at your heart strings but also gives you hope, that even in the midst of such dark times years ago, there were people that survived and were able to love and live in the midst of devastation. It's a powerful message on mindset and how the main character had a choice. His circumstances were not his choice but his mindset absolutely was.

That concludes my January Book review.. did you enjoy it? Please let me know! I'll continue to do these. Wishing you the best Tuesday!

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