Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Home Decor Inspo + Decorating Tips

The creativity of decorating gets me SO excited.. it works my brain and causes me to think in ways that I absolutely love. To me, it's like a challenge. I have a piece of furniture or decor and I need to figure out how to make it work in the space that I have... over the weekend I spent some time sprucing my house up. I didn't do anything too crazy but it's funny how rearranging can give your house an entirely new feel. Whether you have an eye for decorating or wish you did, I want to share with you some of the work I did this weekend and some practical tools for how to decorate your space and be inspired. 

The ways that I get inspired to decorate is through social media. Instagram and Pinterest are my best friends when I decide I'm going to do some rearranging/decorating. The account where I got the majority of my inspiration from this weekend was The Clearance Hunter. She is a military spouse who searches for the best deal. She goes to stores like Target, Walmart, Kirklands, Ross, Marshalls, Amazon, Hobby Lobby etc and shares what she purchased and what she found. Everything she shares is reasonably priced which I love. 

The things that caught my eye this weekend from her page were this vasethis basketand this bud vase. All simple things in nature but I knew with adding some greenery to the vases and faux flowers to the basket it would spruce my house up majorly. Of course upon arriving to Michaels, I found some other items that I had to grab. I absolutely love these faux peach stems. Here is how I styled the items I purchased: 

Now you may be thinking, "Abi this looks great but how do I do this myself?" 
Here are my practical tips and steps for making pieces come to life in your home.. 
I'll use my window sill and cheese mold as an example since I was feeling stumped on what to do with it this weekend. I purchased this adorable cheese board last fall from an antique shop here and absolutely love it.. I had succulents in it last spring but I prefer as much faux as possible. I had it sitting in my window sill completely empty and everything in me was like I'll just put that away and redecorate the space until I find a good use for the cheese mold. Then the practical side of my head said "no, use what you have." 

So to Pinterest I went.. I typed in cheese mold decor ideas... here are a few of the images that caught my eye. 

I thought to myself, "okay, I can do candles or I could get some of those vases on sale at Michael's and put some faux greenery in it." So I ran back to Michael's and grabbed some little jars and some greenery from Target and voila! A beautiful window sill set up. 

My encouragement to you is, whatever space you have and need help on.. go to Pinterest and type a specific search in. For example, maybe I have a cake stand and I want to see how I could decorate it as a centerpiece. I would type in, "cake stand centerpiece kitchen." Browse and save the things that you're drawn to.. then go back to those photos and think to yourself if you have anything in your house that could work to put it together.. House shopping is a real thing. Go through your home and find things that aren't be used or are but rearrange them. It gives everything a completely fresh new feel for no cost! If you are lacking something then I would encourage you to go look at the Hobby Lobby coupon ads or Michaels.. start there with what is on sale and then go look other places.

If you need some help with finding inspiration on Instagram, ask your friends if they follow any decorators.. who knows what amazing account you may find!! Don't let decorating intimidate you, let it inspire you.. and if even after reading this you feel totally overwhelmed, maybe you allocate resources and bring in outside help, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Everyone is gifted differently but my encouragement to you is, give it a try and see what happens.. you never know, you may turn into an amazing little house shopper and decorator. 😉


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