Thursday, February 6, 2020

My Morning Routine


I THRIVE off of routine and truly I believe everyone does, just not everyone is disciplined enough to implement it. Creating routine at first can be quite difficult. It can feel hard because you are placing boundaries and constraints on yourself that may be uncomfortable. But here is what I know, with a solid morning routine, it will change your life. So with that said, let's dive into mine. 

5:00 AM-- Time to get up! I used to let the alarm go off at 5:00 and snooze till 5:30 but that's a force to be reckoned with. Be disciplined and whatever time you say you're going to get up, do it. Don't get me wrong, 5:00 am doesn't always feel good but once I'm up I am so stinking thankful I did it. 

5:05-- I brush my teeth, pee and come downstairs and immediately drink a glass of water with two cap fulls of Apple Cider Vinegar. Below is an image of 19 benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. I always start my day off with water to get my metabolism going and to not let the first liquid in my mouth be coffee. 

5:05-5:30(5)-- Quiet time. I start my day every morning with prayer journaling and reading my Bible. It's how I find my peace and ground myself for the day. I'm currently reading the Bible in two years so that's the plan I am following but this is a sweet time of complete solitude and truly my favorite way to start the day. I notice that when I don't, my entire day is off. 

5:30-6:00-- Right now I am experimenting with what I do specifically in this time but I think it's going to be things like, folding up any last minute laundry items, starting a load, my mug from my evening tea in the dishwasher, etc.. this way I have a completely clean space to start the day. My kitchen is always clean every night before bed but I usually stick my mug in the sink after I drink my tea and so does Zach. Once that's done, I hop in the shower and do a quick rinse off, enjoy the warm water and then get out. Something I started doing a few months ago is using Micellar Cleansing Water instead of washing my face in the morning. Washing it twice a day was too harsh and causing breakouts. So I give my face a good swipe with that using a cotton swab and then apply my toner. 

6:00-6:15-- Put on my clothes for the day, moisturize my face, put deodorant on and come downstairs. Lately, my everyday look has been very simple. Sometimes I wonder if I should get totally ready every single day but the reality is, I don't always see people and it's a waste of time, makeup and time to get all ready only to sit on my couch and work all day. I also love letting my face breath and only putting on makeup a few days a week. It's helped my skin be bright and clear. 

6:15-6:30- Make my coffee shake and get settled to start reading. My coffee shake is outstanding, I shared it on the blog week before last. It's something I drink every single day and it's quite possibly one of my favorite things about my morning rituals. There is nothing like a hot cup between your hands in the dark quiet of the morning. 

6:30-7:00-- I read my personal development book, write out 5 things I'm thankful for and 10 dreams I have. Right now I'm currently reading High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. It's fantastic and I highly recommend it. Once I get through this I'm going to be reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. I've heard that one is amazing too! 

7:00-8:00-- I now use this time to write and create the daily habit of figuring out my plan for the blog. Currently, while I write this post it's 7:30 am so I am on track for my morning routine. 😉

8:00-9:00-- Power Hour. This is my uninterrupted time of growing my business, following up with people, reaching out to current customers, communicating with my team etc. 

9:00-11:00-- I still work for my dad's company part time and so this two hour block is spent working on that if I have a list of things to do or I am figuring out my social media plan for the day and my content I plan to post. 

11:00-12:00-- Lunch 

So there you have it. Nothing crazy but my simple, everyday morning routine. What's something that is a non negotiable in your morning routine? Share it with me below! 

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