Thursday, February 13, 2020

Your Next Step Towards Health and Wholeness

I think so often in the heat of anxiety it can feel as though you take 5 steps forward and 3 back.. but here's what I want you to see in that, you still took two steps forward. You still are making progress and striving towards wholeness and healing. 

In the battle for our minds, so often it can feel as though we aren't sure of what we need to do next. The chaos of our minds feels too great and we want to change but aren't certain what we should do. In the heat of my anxiety journey, there are a lot of things I wasn't doing to take care of myself. I let anxiety control my life and I took the passenger seat. I worked through the panic attacks and thoughts as best I could, but ultimately my body was suffering. Can you relate? 

When I made the decision that enough was enough, I started with the physical aspect of improving my body. When I say physical what am I referring to? I'm referring to water intake, exercise, nutrition, healthy habits that serve me physically, not take away. 

The purpose of my post today is to help you identify your next step. 

What is one thing on this sheet that you can do for the next two weeks to positivity impact your body? Is that exercising for 3 days a week? Is that setting a strict bedtime and not compromising on it? What is your next right step?

When I said enough was enough and started making big changes, here is what I personally did...I made the commitment to exercise 3 days a week and go on a walk the other 2. I signed up for an at home workout program and used those three days a week. Eventually I started running but until I was ready to do that I used videos at home. 

I started flooding my body with plant powders. Why did I do that you may be asking? Because our body needs more fruits and vegetables then what it is getting. I knew I wasn't getting enough and this was my daily insurance. It's a product backed by clinical research and it's changed my life. Our guts are the second brain and if we aren't flooding them with good things, how can we expect to think clearly? If you're interested in learning more about those, I'd love to share them with you! 

These were the two big decisions I made.. what happened naturally after making those decisions and sticking to them? I began to eliminate caffeine from my diet, I began to drink a ton of water, I started running, I started sleeping soundly, I started being able to capture my thoughts more and tell them no. Those two decisions were PIVOTAL in my health journey and they weren't so difficult that I didn't feel like I could do it. 

The journey has been incredible y'all and my greatest pain has become the sweetest ministry. I get to minister to women daily on the importance of taking care of ourselves. I want you to know I'm here for you if you're ready to take your next step. I'm rooting for you always. 

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